Sloooths 🍃🦥🍃

Sloooths is my new collection of 3,500 super mega cute NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain!

I have been working for two months to create more than 180+ traits to ensure we have the perfect number of combinations and have enough hats, faces, clothes, and more so everyone will have the chance to find their ideal Sloooth! The mix of traits makes them so unique that it will be super difficult for you to adopt just one!

All holders will have access to raffles, contests, super cute merch and more! We are working to create a strong community and a brand that will help us all learn more about dealing with Mental Health and give you a perfect excuse to be HAPPY!

Launching in Q3, 2022 🍃🦥🍃

About me, Pequelord…

Hello! All you know me as Pequelord, the Michis Dad!

I have been working as a Senior Product Designer for more than 21 years now for multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, Getty Images and The Lions (Cannes Creativity Festival). Part of my work was to create digital solutions as apps and websites using my UX/UI skills! And I also have an online store KUMO, with my partner.

I joined the NFT space in February 2021 along with my other gigs. Currently I dedicate 100% of my time and love to the Sloooths collection. I would love to connect with you all over twitter or discord which I actively am available on.

Thanks to the NFTs, I finally have the chance to invest all my time developing my Illustration skills; I’m also looking to give back to this community part of the love that I have received from all the artists, collectors, and followers. I have always looked to create collections oriented to support the NFT Community and mental health.

The Project…

And there are 180+ traits more!

Mental Health is a topic everyone here on the NFT Space is always looking to discuss and offer support. Mental Health is also something that we artists (speaking from my point of view) have to deal with every day due to the anxiety produced by being constantly connected and participating in the space. Also, the wear and tear produced by the number of hours of work to meet the expectations of collectors and our royal road, since many forget that we are people behind the projects, sometimes a team, sometimes just one person as in my case.

Oh, real-life… Wake up, dress kids (for those that are parents), feed them, school run, gym session, rush to work, eat at your desk if you have time to eat, meetings, grab a coffee, lift scheme, rush home, cook dinner, do homework, prepare for the next day and start all over again — or some version of this. Does anyone relate? Then add 10 o 15 hours of work to reach your goals on the NFT Space. Yes… that is a regular day for any artist here, and we need to be more conscious of that.

Dealing with a lot of stress as I had an office job plus launching my first NFT Collection, preparing weekly drops and creating the art, managing social media, moving to a different country and a few more real-life situations, I decided to take care more of myself and have a different and healthier routine. So, after reading an AMAZING book about how to slow down, prioritise and focus on the right things, I decided to change a few things about how my collection (The Michis) was working and started working on the Sloooths. This collection wants to help artists and anyone in this space deal with their Mental Health.

The point of sloths is to bring a sense of wonder, magic and happiness to all other species. Did you know that every other animal’s favourite animal is the sloth?

This is the quote used by author Alison Davies to preface her book, Be More Sloth (A book that I love so much).

Rushing through life, we miss so much, and we don’t always perform at our best. The demands of life, its competitiveness and the constant urge to keep striving at all costs lest we be left behind can make us feel like we’re on a treadmill increasing in speed and incline and we just can’t get off.

So Sloooths are here to help us deal with all this and more just following these steps…

🍃🦥 Slow down, enjoy the moment, practice the art of patience, know your priorities, don’t over commit, focus on single tasking and more 🦥🍃

Slooowmap and more…

Roadmaps… or better, Slooowmaps!

When Launching?
We already launched our project at the beginning of Q2.

When Minging?
About our minting day, is still TBC. This is a Long Term project, there is not rush on any of our plans… We are focused on building our brand and a super strong community. We also want to work with our partners and our relationships, so minting it will be at the end of Q2 (TBC).

Disclaimer: No one on the team is a professional talking about giving support and helping people deal with their Mental Health. We are working to create partnerships with Experts and institutions on this specific matter, so please, consider this before approaching anyone on the Sloooths Team.

I don’t want to rush my fam, we are here to create for longterm… I’m creating a team to support me and create a solid foundation for this project. I have learned that to keep things working artists we need help... if anyone is looking to support this community and be part of the change that we need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on my Twitter DMs and let’s make this work!

Also, Sloooths are more than just another NFT project. Owning a Sloooth it will give you the chance to be part of a really special community. Holding a Sloooth will give you the opportunity to use it as a membership pass to enjoy the future benefits of our fam. There is also a brand that is going to be growing next to our community.

A little sneak-peek of our brand assets…

Our primary focus is to help create a healthier community and give more visibility to the MH topic. So 90% of the effort will be focused on giving back to the community, working with partners to make tools to improve our MH more accessible… but it is too early to make any promises apart of that.

We also want to contribute and donate part of our sales to some sloths sanctuaries around the world.

Website, Discord and more details are going to be shared soon…

If you want to know more about our latest news, follow us on Twitter Sloooths.



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